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Is Your Business New or making under $30K a month?

There are 582 million small business owners in the world.

22.5% of new businesses fail within the first year.

Its not because they have bad products or missing a business plan. They focus on the wrong things

You don't need:

❌ Website

❌ Blog

❌ Podcast

❌ Book

❌Paid Advertising

You need to spend more time on:

✔️ Authority Marketing

✔️ Niching Down

✔️ Irresistible Offer

✔️ Emotional Copy

✔️ Perfect Marketing Message

What I am going to share with you has helped over 100 Clients Reach $300,000 and over 4 Clients reach 7 figures.

Become The Go To Person In Your Industry

Copy of Copy of $0- $30 Business Coachin

In order to be the Top 1% in your industry, you need to give real value to your potential clients.

People will start to be willing to wait weeks and even months to work with you because you are the go to person.

This is because you are the Expert and people always want to go to the expert.

In order to be the expert you need to know

  • Your Niche

  • Your Message

  • Your Offer

Grow Your Business to $30K a month Consistently

Think about the previous courses you have taken....

They usually talk about 4 things to make money online.

1) Opt-In Page

2) OTO (One time offer) or Upsell

3) Paid Advertising that costs thousands of dollars with little or no results

4) Sending endless Emails

This is exactly what I learned too. 

With this knowledge, I struggled for years.

I felt like they were all keeping a "Secret" from me.

I took courses from all the so called 'Experts' and things kept sounding the same. 

They all said buy my course... pay for these services... and spend hundreds of dollars a month without guaranteeing a result.

I spent over $100,000 in courses, advertising, and training from these experts. 

I discovered the Secret that changed everything

People are shocked when I say:

  • STOP your podcast

  • STOP writing your book

  • STOP paying for advertising

  • STOP picking out the perfect logo

None of that matters.

You need to focus only on getting clients and sales and none of that matters.

The only thing that matters is TALKING TO PROSPECTS.

This is done without a website or anything fancy.


  • Phone or computer

  • Message

  • Irresistible Offer

Use the New Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing is easy to put into action and can get you a client within 2-3 days. 

There are only 6 Steps to making over $300,000 a year.

1) Craft a High Value Offer

  • It needs to get attention

  • Motivates people to buy

  • Find the right niche and the right pain

  • Show how YOU are better than the competition

2) Direct Outreach

  • Facebook ( roughly 60% of your business)

  • LinkedIn (roughly 20 % of your business)

  • Benchmarks to make sure you are moving in the right direction


3) Posting and Lives

  • When to post

  • How to Post

  • Length of Post

4) Referrals

  • How to get Referrals

  • How much to pay referrals

  • How to pay referrals

  • should be roughly 20% of your business

5) Partnering and Interviews

  • Reach out to podcasts in similar niches

  • reach out to local television to get air time

  • reach out to influencers

This is For You if...

  • You are ready to start making consistent money

  • Have a desire to grow your business to over $30K a month

  • Ready to Implement what we talked about

  • Ready to Invest in yourself and your business

You've Got Questions... I've Got Answers

I know there has been a lot of information. There is some mind-blowing information (it was to me when I first discovered it) and I know you have questions.

Let me answer a few right now.

Question #1:

Is this too difficult to implement?

Answer: This strategy might seem hard, because this proprietary approach truly is a brand-new way to consistently break your monthly goals.


And when you try anything new (from riding a bike to driving a car)… it can take a little practice to get it right.


That said, as I’ve tried to show you today, the basic concepts behind Authority Marketing are actually quite easy to understand.


We have laid everything your for you to make it a super simple 2 step process.

First, you will set up a time to book your consult. This will be a 30 minute call to make sure we are a good fit and that we want to take you on as a client.

Secondly, If we find that we are a perfect fit for each other you will receive the invoice from us and then we will get to work. 



Question #2:

How long do I have to wait to start getting consistent sales?

Answer: We only have take 10 clients a month.


Knowing how powerful of a technique this is, we fill those times up quickly.


To make sure you get the earliest possible time, it is important to set up your call.



Question #3:

How can I be sure Authority Marketing is right for me?


Answer: The best way is to schedule your call.


Unfortunately, there is no way to tell with 100% certainty… until you give it a try yourself!


But I can tell you this…

If you are seeking for a “complicated” strategy that involves a lot of work, time and commitment, then this is probably not for you.


If you are expecting a “Magic pill” that requires no effort from you, then this is probably not for you.


If you are honestly ready to build your business, leave your legacy, and finally live your dream life... then yes! This is for you.


It’s definitely not for everyone. And that’s another reason we are being selective who we give our limited time to.

Are you Ready to Break Free From Struggling Month to Month? 

Ready to put Authority Marketing to work right now and start living your best, healthiest, richest life possible?


As I promised you before, I truly Believe this could change your life for the better.


But because we’d like to complete this research project, we’re going to make you a ridiculously generous offer.


Everything you will get includes:

  • Proper Mindset

  • Authority  Marketing Coaching

  • Create an Irresistible Offer 

  • Sales Call Training

  • How to Get Referrals

  • Templates for quick and easy implementation

  • 3 Month Commitment

All of this for 1 payment of $9,990



3 payments of $4,990

And this could be the most important decision of your life.


You’re at a crossroads right now.


You have only 2 options left…


Option #1:

… is for you to leave this page and ignore what I’ve showed you today about how you can take control of your business, habits, and wealth using this strategy. You can do this if you want.


But if you’ve listened to me this far, you’ve seen how easy this can be. Which brings us to…


Option #2:

… is to take one tiny action that will have an incredible impact in the rest of your life. Simple fill out the quick application  at the top of this page and talk to us.


Remember, we only take 10 clients at a time. Once we are booked, we’ll have to start offering this at a much higher price.


I’d hate to see someone (like you) locked out of this today while someone less deserving sits in your chair…


Don’t wait until it’s too late.


fill out the quick application and take advantage of this exclusive and generous offer to while you still can.

What's The Catch?

Congratulations. Skepticism is not only healthy, but also the mark of a smart person. The only “catch” is that we will increase the cost as we hit the one month waiting list. And you can only get this offer by filling out the application before we reach that limit and before we raise the price.


Remember, hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You will simply be redirected to the application page to make sur we are a good fit.

Senior Man

I worked for over 40 years in sales. At the time of my retirement, I wanted to keep a small revenue coming in working part time selling for a few companies. I worked with my Power Up Coach for 60 days and he helped me stay focused on the calls I needed to make and keep a positive attitude, which has led me to more sales. I am now making a full time salary working part time.


Woman in Yellow

Before I worked with my Power Up Coach, I was stuck working 2 jobs to barely make ends meet. I know I wanted to work for myself, but did not know where to start. After 6 Months, I am now opening my own Gym and have already made over $10,000 in revenue before my doors are open. Without Pete's help, I would still have my mental blocks keeping me from reaching my dreams.


Worker with Red Helmet

I own my own small construction company. I originally came to see my Power Up Coach to quit smoking and that alone saved me $900 a month. Then Pete helped me tighten up my business so I am more efficient and more profitable. I never thought of using a coach before, but now I wish I went to him years ago because I can only imagine where'd I'd be right now.


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