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Top 4 Reasons Hypnotists Fail

So, you want to be a Successful Hypnotist? That’s a great goal to have and many people have amazing success at it. However, for everyone who is able to break into the industry, build a following and earn a decent living from their practice, there are 15 who don’t make it. This isn’t to make you think about quitting, but you should know what the odds are before you begin. More importantly, you want to find out what sort of things make other hypnotists fail – pitfalls that they have already experienced and failed because of – because you can learn how to avoid those same pitfalls that way. Here are the top four reasons why hypnotists fail, and how to avoid them.

Being to Formulaic: If you use the same method for every single client, you are going to have very limited success. That’s because people are all different. One size does not fit all when it comes to hypnosis, and you need to be flexible enough to try other methods when you see what one particular one isn’t working.

Lacking Confidence in Themselves: This is a big reason that hypnotists fail. They just don’t believe in themselves, and so their clients never believe in them either. Even if you never tell your clients that you don’t believe in your ability to help them to success, they are going to know, because people can just sense that sort of thing. Avoid this by making sure to work on yourself first before you start helping and give yourself positive affirmations every day.

Copying Others: Some people learn one style of hypnosis, which is a method that they got from a mentor or a training program and they just hypnotize the exact same way; but that’s not how leaders work. Followers copy other people but leaders forge their own way and take what others have taught them and develop their own style.

Lack of Persistence: Finally, the last thing that many hypnotists fail as a result of is a simple lack of persistence. If you continue working at your business, you are eventually going to make it, but it is going to take time. Just like any other business, you’re going to have to work to build up a clientele and get it to the point where you are actually making a living from your Hypnosis practice.

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