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What Is Ho'oponopono

What Is Ho'Oponopono

The beautiful Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness is called "Ho'oponopono" (pronounced HO-o-Po-no-Po-no ).

First, print out the Ho'oponopono prayer (attached at the end), which I absolutely love. Then, apply the prayer to whatever area of ​​your life you want to heal, and repeat it often with the emotion of each sentence. While Ho'oponopono Prayer is not a complete Hooponopono training, the Ho'oponopono Prayer can bring profound healing.

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of healing through forgiveness. This ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness works as a communication concept for reconciliation and as a tool to restore self-love and balance. The value of this powerful practice of forgiveness is lovely in itself. However, once we accept responsibility, our universal nature of forgiveness and love takes over as a healing process for ourselves and others.

For inner healing, people must learn to forgive themselves and use this part of the mantra to release negative emotions that may have tied them to the past. This practice allows people to "erase" their memories and get rid of them. It may seem hard to believe that healing can be achieved by simply repeating a mantra or prayer. However, in modern times, the simple yet profound mantras produced by this practice have been found to have powerful healing powers.

The great thing about the ancient Ho'oponopono ritual is understanding the transformative power that our healing can have. In Huna, the ancient Hawaiian discipline of energy and healing, the process of ho'oponopono is essential if we are to be pono (correct and congruent with ourselves). Ho'oponopono is a pearl of ageless wisdom and ancient Hawaiian practice, a unique method of cleansing the mind, body, and soul. Ho'oponopono was initially a ritual used by the peoples of Hawaii to solve community problems.

Ho'ponopono, derived from the Huna (meaning "secret") tradition based on ancient Hawaiian religious principles, is a prayer-based Hawaiian therapy designed to promote forgiveness. Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice that involves learning to heal by taking "full responsibility" for everything around us: confession, repentance, and reconciliation. Asking for forgiveness is one of the healing methods in Ho'oponopono that can help you move forward in your life.

We can learn a lot about forgiveness from Ho'oponopono. You can use this Ho'oponopono mantra all the time. It can be while walking down the street or cleaning your space, literally any time you can use this beautiful forgiveness technique. Now it's time for you to make a list of the things you need forgiveness for and apply the Ho'oponopono forgiveness technique to see how the magic happens. I know it may seem counter-intuitive to apologize to someone who wronged you. Still, this practice is at the heart of Ho'oponopono's unconventional wisdom. Wisdom will be revealed when you use these four phrases:

I Love You

I'm Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

One of the reasons this traditional Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness is so powerful is because it first requires you to admit that a mistake was made by saying that you are sorry. While this forgiveness ritual may need to be repeated repeatedly, it can still help the healing process, no matter how significant the injury is. It's not a matter of right or wrong, but it's a symbolic way to help mentally disconnect from the event or person that hurts us. Forgiveness is an acknowledgment that frees us from energy blocks that cause things like sickness, relationship problems, and lack of abundance.

Forgiveness is the key to making the ho'oponopono work effectively. People must first sincerely seek forgiveness for their actions. The phrase Ho'oponopono means to make right for you and me or to fix. In this case, resolve the situation by acknowledging your responsibility for causing the problem, seeking forgiveness and love, and finally expressing gratitude. Firstly, Ho'oponopono can be seen as conflict resolution, restoration of spiritual alignment. Ho'oponopono corrects, restores, and maintains good relations between family members and their gods or God, getting to the causes and sources of problems.

Ho'oponopono offers forgiveness, love, and harmony under challenging relationships and can bring relief and healing. Ho'oponopono is an essential practice of compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude for our relationships and ourselves.

The Ho'oponopono prayer purifies us and frees us from the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that separate us from the one universal energy. However, Ho'oponopono is more than the Ho'oponopono prayer; it is the process of putting things in order in your relationships—with others, with your ancestors, with the gods, with the earth, with yourself. The best part of the Ho'oponopono technique is that you can do it yourself, and it's super easy.

This Hawaiian forgiveness technique is similar to repeating a prayer or a mantra. In some ways, it resembles meditation. However, people who struggle with the concept of forgiveness, both for themselves and others, often find solace in a centuries-old, profoundly healing practice that hails from Hawaii.

Here is the complete prayer:

Divine Creator Father, Mother, Son & Daughter all as one.

I (say your birth name here)

all of my family, friends, relatives and ancestors,

from the beginning of time to the present

(say what you are called to ask for).

If we have in any way offended you in

thoughts, words, deeds or actions,

caused any stress, or wrong transgressions or trespassed

against the I, within us or outside of us

for this and for all times, then we ask


For forgiveness.

And we ask if there is any unwanted negativity,

any unwanted energy of any kind,

that you please cleanse, purify, release and transmute

all of these unwanted energies of any kind into PURE DIVINE LIGHT.

We ask that you sever and cut all AKA Cords.

Pull from all our memory banks

and fill in all of those empty spaces with PURE DIVINE LIGHT.

In the name of the Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son & Daughter all as one,

we ask that this be done.

It Is Done!

As we release and set free,

we are, in turn, released and set free.

-Morrnah Simeona

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