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Unlock the Relationship of Your Dreams with Our Intensive 30-Day Program

Led by Dr. Peter Gagliardo: Your Trusted Guide to Relationship Revitalization

Are you struggling with disconnection and poor communication in your relationship?

If these issues sound all too familiar, you're not alone.

Couples often start with a strong emotional bond but drift apart over time due to life's challenges. Meet the Unity Blueprint program—your solution to a fulfilling, communicative, and intimate relationship.

Unlike other relationship programs, our Unity Blueprint focuses on rebuilding your relationship. We don't just talk about common problems; we offer structured dialogue based on empirically-backed research that has been shown to improve marital and relational health.

What You'll Get

👫30 Days of Guided Sessions
Each day, you'll explore a new topic crucial to your relationship's health. These guided sessions will leave no stone unturned, from intimacy to trust to communication.

📚 Educational & Experiential Learning
Unity Blueprint is not just informative; it's transformational. The sessions are designed to educate and provide couples with a practical framework for open and honest communication.

🌱 Build Daily Connection Rituals
Learn to carve out a sacred, uninterrupted 30-minute window in your daily routine. Create a calming atmosphere with a cup of tea, soothing music, and a mindful approach to reconnecting with your partner.

Meet Your Relationship Strategist

Dr. Peter Gagliardo, with his PhD in Holistic Life Counseling and 10+ years of experience, is not just a therapist; he's a relationship strategist. Voted #1 for 2023 by the Quality Business Awards and boasting a 90% success rate, Dr. Gagliardo offers a compassionate and personalized approach to relationship growth.

Who is This Program For?

  • Couples stuck in a cycle of disconnection.

  • Individuals willing to invest daily time to nurture their relationship.

  • Anyone open to change and committed to building a lasting partnership.

Limited Availability: Exclusive to 10 Couples Only per 30 days

Hear From the 2022 LMHC of the Year

Hear From Our Everyday Man, Pat

What's the True Cost of Your Relationship's Health?

If you try to navigate this alone, you'd need:

  • Relationship/Marriage Strategist: $9,000

  • Emotional Intelligence Coach: $1,200

  • Communication Coach: $750

  • Sexual Health Coach: $400

  • Parenting Coach: $200

  • Financial Coach: $150

  • Spiritual/Values Coach: $450

  • Wellness Coach: $450

Total Real Cost: $12,600—and that's without any guarantee of improvement.

The Hidden Emotional and Financial Costs if you do nothing:

  • Emotional Strain: $750 for therapy sessions post-breakup

  • Lost Work Promotions: Estimated at $5,000

  • Divorce Proceedings: A staggering $30,000

  • Additional Costs (Including pet custody): $8,000

Total Hidden Cost: $43,750

Unity Blueprint Program

  • 30 Days of Live Daily Deep Dive Sessions

  • The expertise and knowledge that $12,600 Coaches if you were to do it on your own

  • Private Clients FB Community

  • 1-1 calls with the Leadership Team on an as-needed basis

  • Love it or Leave It Guarantee

Total Investment into your relationship is only $6,000

Love It or Leave It Guarantee

Want assurance? We offer a Money-Back Guarantee, but only for those who invest upfront. Here's why: People who commit upfront are more invested in making a change. And we're so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we can guarantee your satisfaction.

👉 The Guarantee: We'll refund you completely if you don't achieve new relationship milestones after fully committing to our 30-day program—attending all sessions and implementing our expert guidance.

Would you rather save money upfront or get a full refund later?

Commit today with a one-time payment of $6,000 for our Love It or Leave It guarantee or opt for our no-guarantee monthly plan at $2,000/month for 3 months.

By choosing Unity BluePrint, you're investing in a future where your relationship is not just surviving but thriving.

What will my next 30 days Look Like when I join?

We Start the First of Every Month with a maximum of 10 Couples to give the group the best attention and focus.


Part 1: Who Are We? Exploring Who We are as a Couple

From falling in love to establishing rituals, relive and rediscover the dynamics that made you a couple in the first place.

Topics Include:

  1. Falling In Love

  2. Friendship

  3. Caring and Affection

  4. Acceptance

  5. Empathy

  6. Emotional Intimacy

  7. Rituals

Part 2: Who Am I? Exploring Who Each of You is and What You Bring to the Relationship

Dive into your family history, temperaments, and values. Understand the individual pieces that make up your relationship puzzle.

Topics Include:

  1. Childhood

  2. Family of Origin Roles

  3. Temperament

  4. Influences

  5. Empathy

  6. Spirituality

  7. How I think

Part 3: How Do We Work? Exploring the Dynamics of Our Relationship

Learn the art of conflict resolution, explore sexual intimacy, and build a fortress of trust and boundaries.

Topics Include:

  1. How We Communicate

  2. Conflict

  3. Defensiveness

  4. Sexual Intimacy

  5. Trust

  6. Fidelity and Boundaries

  7. Parenting

  8. Staying in Sync

Part 4: What Do We Want? Working Together to Strengthen Our Relationship

Focus on future-proofing your relationship by discussing romance, joy, gratitude, and long-term goals

Topics Include:

  1. Romance

  2. Joy and Gratitude

  3. Respect

  4. Apologies and Forgiveness

  5. Challenges, Setbacks, and Loss

  6. Relationship Savings Account

  7. Our Lifepath: Past, Present and Future

  8. Keeping Connected

Booster Session

Four weeks after the 30th session, a booster session is given to reflect and grow.

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