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End the Addiction and Control That Cigarettes have over you when we deal with the:

  • Physical Addiction: How to handle the 7,000+ chemicals in cigarettes
  • Emotional response: How to stop those "triggers" from desiring that cigarette
  • Support: How to handle people in your life so they don't say "How long are you quitting this time?"
  • Habits: The longer you smoke, the more habits are created just like brushing your teeth and driving a car. It can be done without thinking.
  • All Session Can be done in the safety of your own home through our telehealth systems


Your ACT Quit Smoking Audio Program includes:

  • ACT Quit Smoking Audio
  • ACT Stress Reduction Audio
  • ACT Anxiety Relief Audio
  • An average smoker spending between $70 to $100 per week will save between $3,500 to $5,200 per year.


Total cost is $10

Yes, that is a great price.


ACT Quit Smoking Program

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