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Reprogram Your Mind
Unlock the Power of Your Brain with Hypnosis to Harmony

Female Hypnotherapy Patient
Together, we'll dive deep to uncover and eliminate the burdens of the past and pave the way for a lighter future.

No other Hypnosis program does this.

Four Private Coaching Sessions Over 4 Weeks

Our clients describe their journey with hypnosis as 'Dissolving the fog that clouded their minds, now stepping into the clarity of empowerment.


What is Hypnosis to Harmony?

Hypnosis to Harmony is Dr. Peter Gagliardo’s revolutionary, neuroscience-backed approach to unlocking the mind's potential. In partnership with Dr. Gagliardo, you’ll explore and effectively neutralize the deep-seated origins of your challenges, turning them into launchpads for triumph in both personal growth and career development.

For countless people, ongoing challenges are often anchored in past adversities or traumas, connections to which may not be immediately evident or related to their present concerns.

Historical wounds, be they physical, emotional, or psychological, typically trigger a fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. When contemporary situations activate these entrenched patterns, you may experience withdrawal or a dip in self-assurance, puzzled by your reactions. Dr. Gagliardo’s Hypnotherapy program employs state-of-the-art neuroscience insights to diminish the enduring impact of such memories on your psyche and physique, adopting a structured strategy to confront each event that quickly relieves related distress.

Embarking on this transformative journey with Dr. Gagliardo is not merely about coping with challenges; it’s about leveraging them as a driving force for significant self-evolution and success, charting a new path from turmoil to triumph.

What You Will Learn During Our Hypnosis to HarmonyProcess?

  • Begin your transformation with an immersive exploration into the power of the subconscious mind. Discover how to harness your inner strengths and the success stories of those who've walked this path before to ignite your motivation and guide you toward personal enlightenment.

  • Translate your dreams into reality with our methodical goal-setting stage. By deconstructing your aspirations into attainable actions, you'll witness tangible progress and cultivate the momentum to chase even loftier dreams, each achievement a stepping stone on your path to greatness.

  • Enhance your skill in making strategic choices, transforming obstacles into stepping stones. Through specialized techniques, you'll sharpen your decision-making prowess, positioning yourself to confidently lead in every aspect of your life, poised to turn potential pitfalls into victories.

  • Master the art and science of hypnotic stress relief, pinpointing the specific triggers and scenarios that challenge you. With tailor-made relaxation and visualization techniques, you'll convert stress from an adversary to an ally, forging resilience and adaptability in its forge.

  • As you approach the culmination of your journey, assemble an exclusive set of hypnotherapy tools, chosen and vetted by you for their impact. By building a solid foundation of support and adopting a proactive stance on mental well-being, you emerge not just resilient but flourishing, ready to embrace whatever the future holds with confidence and grace.

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How It Works

You will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation through four private, focused hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom. Each week, we convene for an engaging 60-minute session specifically designed to navigate you from your current state to a place of empowerment and achievement. Your first session is a deep dive into understanding the subconscious mechanisms behind your challenges, setting the groundwork for your transformative path by identifying key stressors and developing strategies to transcend them.

During your journey, you'll receive daily worksheets that require approximately 30 minutes of engagement. These worksheets are carefully constructed to solidify the concepts and techniques explored in our Zoom sessions, fostering daily progress and introspection. They act as a conduit for transferring session insights into real-world application, enhancing your ability to incorporate your learnings into everyday life.

Moreover, you'll be provided with four bespoke hypnotic audio recordings. These recordings are an essential aspect of our approach, intended to complement and augment our session work. Listening to these audios will help instill the transformative practices on a subconscious level, promoting profound and lasting change that resonates with your path to managing stress and harnessing success.

Our hypnotherapy program is tailored to acknowledge and address your unique experience with stress. Recognizing that while stress is a universal experience, the personal journeys and responses differ greatly. Our personalized strategy seeks to uncover and cater to these distinctions, ensuring that the methodologies and tools we deploy are precisely aligned with your individual needs.

This holistic and nuanced approach not only aids in comprehending and navigating your stress but also arms you with the capabilities to transform stress into a dynamic force for success. With each session, you'll notice an increasing sense of alignment, confidence, and optimism, equipping you to face life's hurdles with renewed perspective and strength.

Hypnosis to Harmony is a transformative journey that redefines your relationship with stress. We delve deep, turning stress from a challenge into a catalyst for growth. Your pathway to success is within reach. We promise.

Hear Dr. Peter Gagliardo, describe how revolutionary Worcester Holistic Hypnosis is at releasing trauma or stuck emotions that have been holding you back.

Embrace Your Full Potential and Make Your Mark on the World

Hypnosis to Harmony equips you with the hypnotic strategies to navigate through and transform the stress that has veiled your true essence, leaving you empowered and profoundly authentic.

This mastery over stress through hypnosis paves the way for a more present, engaged, and genuine existence across all facets of your life—be it at work, home, within social circles, or in front of an audience. Your refined approach to managing stress will not only alter how you're perceived by others but also significantly influence the outcomes of your interactions.

Our Hypnosis to Harmony program is carefully crafted to identify and neutralize the deep-seated triggers of your stress, providing a permanent path to reclaim your essence and positively alter the course of your life.

take the first step is registering for Hypnosis to Harmony.

Real People, Real Results

A few common questions we get from people looking to join.
  • Why work with Worcester Holistic?
    Many programs tackling stress and anxiety primarily focus on external coping strategies, which often fall short of creating lasting change in how you respond to life's pressures. Worcester Holistic adopts a fundamentally different, inside-out approach, delving deep into the root causes of your stress and anxiety. We work to unearth and let go of the past experiences, restrictive beliefs, and behaviors that hold you back. Our method involves guiding you through the process of reprogramming your nervous system, making calmness and resilience not just aspirational goals but intrinsic parts of who you are. With Worcester Holistic, achieving a state where you navigate life's challenges with ease and confidence becomes your new normal.
  • What can I expect by completing the Stress to Success Program?
    Upon completing the Stress to Success Program, you'll find yourself viewing life from a vastly broader perspective, free from the confines of insecurities and self-doubt that once restricted you. Discovering the confidence to be visibly and vocally present allows you to advance with enhanced self-expression, enabling your words to carry both power and ease seamlessly. Engaging with the Stress to Success journey means you'll be met with insights and encouragement from the program that spotlight your most radiant qualities—traits you may have never recognized on your own. This empowering environment fuels your true potential, paving the way for you to embrace possibilities and opportunities that far exceed those of your past.
  • How do I get proven results?
    To achieve tangible, proven results, our approach over the last 12 years has involved guiding more than 1,500 individuals through a meticulously crafted, neuroscience-based system. This system is designed to dismantle the neural patterns that trigger stress and anxiety. By collaboratively pinpointing and addressing the root cause of your stress, we ensure its permanent release. This is achieved through our signature 4-part program, which blends both at-home participation and individual sessions to guarantee a comprehensive transformation. Our method boasts a remarkable 98 percent success rate, underscoring the effectiveness and reliability of our approach.
  • Are your results guaranteed?
    Absolutely, we offer a results-oriented guarantee with a twist—it's conditional on your full commitment. This means our 100% money-back guarantee is available to those who diligently complete all four parts of the Stress to Success Program and actively participate in their scheduled sessions. With a track record of over 12 years and more than 1,500 individuals served, we boast a remarkable 98% success rate. However, should you find yourself among the rare few who are not completely satisfied after fully engaging with the program, rest assured, we will refund every penny of your investment. This assurance is our pledge to the effectiveness of our approach, contingent upon your dedication to the transformative journey.
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