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 Success Method

A Comprehensive Method for Growing, Learning, and Achieving from America's Fastest Growing Life Coach

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"Now is the time to fix the rest of your life."

-Peter Gagliardo

How are you at accomplishing the goals you set for yourself? Do you make significant progress? Do you feel like it's more like taking one step forward and two steps back?


As you look toward the next 3 months, what's your plan to keep yourself going, learning and achieving?

Now is the time to incorporate a system that helps you stay focused and on course for reaching your goals. And here is how you can have legendary personal achievement expert Peter Gagliardo as your mentor.

Start your 3 Month Success Method for

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Your 3  Month Success Method is one of the most comprehensive resources and success plans ever created

Throughout the 3-Month Success Method, you will be empowered to grow and continually transform yourself (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) while focusing on a new foundation of success each month. This logical blueprint will keep you on track, help you take action and give you the motivation to achieve the life of your dreams!

As you work toward achieving your goals, do you find yourself being nudged off course?


My mentor, Jim said there are two parts to influence:

  • First, influence is powerful

  • Second, influence is subtle

You wouldn't let someone push you off course, but you might let someone nudge you off course and not even realize it!


But, when you think about it, if you can allow someone to nudge you off course, wouldn’t the opposite be true as well?


What if you had a regular voice nudging you along the right course, helping keep you on track?


Just suppose you have the guiding voice of wisdom, encouraging you to stay on course and remain focused on the important things in your life while helping you along the way to achieve your goals and pursue the unique lifestyle Peter Gagliardo so passionately describes.


Now, how powerful would it be to have Peter Gagliardo’s support with the ease of regular delivery to your email inbox?

An accomplished, experienced voice of wisdom encouraging you, nudging and cheering you on, helping keep you on track to achieving your goals and dreams!

Now, you can take advantage of this incredible offer:

Start Now for ONLY $37 

Part 1: Money and Finances

1. Getting Out of Debt 

Debt is a killer. It is a killer of dreams and hopes. It is a killer of  business. It is a killer of financial futures. And, according to statistics debt plays a prominent role in many failed marriages. So, what should we conclude from this? If we are to be successful, we must have a commitment to stay out of debt! You can make two million dollars a year but if you spend 2.5 million dollars, it doesn’t matter how much money you made, does it? You will be saddled with debt.

2. Saving 

One of the key components to long term wealth building is the discipline of saving on a regular basis. We will go through the basics and show how a commitment of saving money can revolutionize your financial life and provide the  kind  of security you desire. One simple difference between the philosophy of the rich and the  poor is: the rich save/invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and save/invest what is left. What a simple shift in our thinking for such a revolutionary result. 

3. Investing 

Investing is much different than saving. Investing involves risk – calculated risk  and the possibility for much more reward.  Saving and investing are done for different reasons and with different desired goals and outcomes. By taking a portion of our income and turning it into capital to be invested, we will be actively working  toward our goal of financial independence. 


4. Giving

Giving a portion of your resources away is one of the most powerful principles you will ever embrace. It seems counter-intuitive, but the truth is that giving will help you achieve the financial freedom you desire. Amazingly, giving makes you bigger than you are. The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour back in. So, giving a percentage of your resources away will help you not only have more money but enjoy it more as well, and that is the best benefit. 

Part 2: Networking

1. Developing the Attitude for Networking (and life). 

The old saying is true that your “attitude determines your altitude”. You will only go as far as your attitude will carry you. We will look at the kind of attitudes that will enable you to successfully expand your network and make your life all that it can be. There are certain attitudes you must have toward circumstances, and those that you must have toward yourself and others. Your attitude also governs the process of what takes place when you are networking. 


2. Becoming a Person of Influence. The ability to attract and influence others is paramount to being a successful networker. We will cover the principles of influence and what motivates others to follow your lead, which in turn builds your network. We will also discuss how to expand your Rolodex with people who want to go with you to greater heights. 


3. Working your Network. It takes a certain skill to search for and gain new referrals in order to expand your business. We will show you how to develop your network and grow your business--what to do before the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting, all designed to help you grow your business through an expanding network of people. 


4. Getting the Referral. The success of your business depends on keeping your current customers satisfied while at the same time gaining new customers. The key to getting new customers is getting the referral. We will discuss a technique for this and also cover the in's and out's of working with people in such a way that they help you find others to grow your business. And they will gladly refer you! 

Part 3: Sales and Negotiation

1. Attitudes of Successful Salespeople.

The profession, setting your goals, attitudes of successful salespeople and getting and staying motivated. This is the basic overview of the profession of selling. Selling is a noble occupation, though some think otherwise. In fact, we are all in sales every day. We are selling people all of the time. In addition, our attitude, as well as getting and staying motivated are vitally important and will make or break a salesperson. 


2. Prospecting.

Because sales and success is a numbers game; we cover how to look at sales from this perspective in order to be successful. We will look at how to get in front of a large number of people so we can close a higher percentage of sales calls. We also show you the importance of “Knowing Your Stuff” - what you need to know about you, your prospect and your product. Then, we will look briefly at the importance of understanding how to sell to different personality types. 


3. Building relationships that position you as an educator/consultant to your clients.

We will touch on listening skills and making the sale. Here we will also take a look at the all-important issue of relationships. Relationships in selling, as in life, are the most important factor. We don’t sell to companies; we sell to people! People always make the decisions. We will take a look at how to be a great listener and we will also discuss how to reposition yourself from being known as a salesperson to becoming seen as an educator and a consultant who helps people make the best buying decisions. 


4. Getting referrals/Negotiation skills. 

In week four we will take a look at how to get referrals so your business is ever-expanding. That is the key to a successful sales business -- the ever-expanding network of people to draw sales from. We will also cover the basics of negotiation. This will have an emphasis on how to get both sides into a winning position so they can be happy with the sale. We will give you specific skills to get into win-win negotiations.

PLUS, you’ll gain perspective, encouragement and motivation rather than falling prey to the numerous pitfalls and down times so many people are faced with on a daily basis. You’ll benefit from having the consistent influence of a legendary mentor in your life.


PLUS, you’ll be empowered to take the new skills you are gaining/mastering and go one step further by helping your staff, spouse and family achieve these same results!


“If you were to take the lessons and experiences you've acquired in the past one year, five years or 10 years and skillfully invest that into your future, how powerful would that be? Where would you find yourself at the end of the next year? What new skills would you have learned? What would your life look like then?” - Jim Rohn










Don’t wait! Sign up right now for ONLY $37


Our Goal

Our aim is to take the best resources available—relevant yet timeless subjects—and combine them with Focus, Synergy, Belief, Faith and a Realistic Game Plan to create a  program that is within financial reach for most, if not all, and will guarantee substantial progress and growth to income, skills, relationships, new opportunities and much more for all those who commit to the process.


The Benefits to You

Most of us have the desire to either improve (successful people are always the first to act on their desire to continually grow) or we have a need or challenge in one or more of the areas of time, money, faith/belief, managing an ongoing game plan, balance, new skills, leadership, health and relationships. As we all know, there can be a huge need/benefit to have an outside support system that can provide, on a weekly basis, a plan, tools, follow-up communication, cutting-edge training, leadership and perhaps most importantly—synergy.

The Results

You can take advantage of a specially developed one-year program that is financially attainable (less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day). You’ll receive a powerful one-year game plan, 3 of the 12 foundations of success, weekly communication, written resources, audio resources, and more. This plan empowers you to grow and continually transform yourself over a 12- week period of time while focusing on a new foundation of success each month.

The Timing  and Opportunity

You have timed this perfectly! Get started now and be ready to make the next 3 months life-changing as you set and achieve all your goals.


You can start this incredible program for only $99. You’ll soon be on your way to creating the life you desire!

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