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-Thinking that a gum or patch or any other chemical will make you quit-

What’s up guys and gals. It’s Pete with Power Up Coaching and I just wanted to take a quick minute of your time to talk to you about your efforts in quitting smoking. Okay? That means before you put on that patch or fight the “urge” or feel the “craving”, you need to do read this first.

There are many ways to quit smoking, but Studies have shown that they aren’t designed for success.

❌ Will power 3.4% Success Rate

❌ Patches 6.2% Success Rate

❌ Gum 7% Success Rate

❌ Vaping 7.3% Success Rate

❌ Prescription Meds 15% Success Rate

❌ Acupuncture 24% Success Rate

These are the most common approaches people use to quit smoking, but they statistically don’t help. We all know that one person who did use this and yes it did work, but they are the exception and not the rule. I just want to show you something really fast that helps our clients quit smoking extremely easily.

When you’re driving and you pass a horrible accident. What do you do?

Put your hands on 10 and 2, make sure your seatbelt is on, turn down the radio so you can focus on driving, and go the speed limit.


Then after a few miles, the radio goes back up, your speed increases and you move your hands to a more comfortable position.

That is the same thing as all those methods.

They work for a bit and then they don’t work the same.

The reality is that 90% of our clients, where they come in, they are missing a critical component to quit smoking. It’s not about trying harder but working smarter and doing the right things.

I am willing to bet that no one on here started smoking because they wanted to get lung cancer, die young, or even grow old in a rocking chair being tied to an oxygen tank… right?

We all know the dangers of smoking. Why do you still do it?

So one of the way that I give back is to provide value to people. I know some people will ignore this and still struggle, continue being a victim to tobacco marketing, and think they “aren’t strong enough”. That’s ok. My mission is to really help people finally take control over their life and finally end the connection and control cigarettes have.

The way I am going to do this today is to show you.

I had a client named Ron. When we chatted, he had been a smoker for 40 years. Smoked 2 packs a day. Tried everything I mentioned above and “failed” every time.

I asked him, “Ron, what happened when you had your very first cigarette 40 years ago?”

He answered, “Not much. My dad always smoked when I was young. I always looked up to my dad and wanted to be like him. He was such a strong hard working, loving, and a family man.”

I thought that was interesting. Ron wanted to be like his role model (as many of us do) and his mind grabbed onto all of the amazing qualities and some of the not-so-great qualities such as his dads anger and smoking.

If you’re mind thought something made you into an amazing person with amazing qualities. Would it want to give that up?

Probably not.

How did we help Ron?

We did, what we call, a Cognitive Recalibration to the way Ron’s mind views and thinks of cigarettes.

Now, instead of his mind thinking it needs cigarettes to be all these amazing qualities, his mind realized that cigarettes took away from those qualities and only added pain.

After that, smoking was a non-issue. There were no cravings, or urges. What he did have was a new sense of control (as a bonus he lost the anger too).

Can you see why the chemicals and other ways did not work before? It’s not because they aren’t useful or even helpful, but if your mind thinks it needs cigarettes to survive, would it want to give them up?

If your mind feels like cigarettes are your only friend, would it want to give that up?

If your mind connects cigarettes to the people you love and care for and looked up to, would it want to give them up?

Probably not. It will fight you every step of the way making it feel like the hardest thing to do because no one wants to suffer at an unconscious level and if you are ready to make those thoughts of pain and feeling like its impossible into thoughts of laughter, fun, and excitement, then you need to come get it. You need to invest in yourself and to do this for yourself.

This subtle and important information has already helped over 963 people quit smoking in the last year alone. When you understand what your mind holds onto, that information that it feels like it needs for your survival (even when its bad information), and how that reason is the only reason that makes smoking the hardest thing to stop or to end the “urges” and “cravings” (because who would want something that we think is vital to go away), and you have Cognitive Recalibration that breaks the vicious cycle… you become free of all the struggles you are experiencing now. You need to invest in yourself and to do this for yourself.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Talk to you later,


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