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The problem with there being so many ways to lose weight!

Hey my Weight Loss Peeps (do people still say that? 😂)

I’ve been working on my own weight loss journey for years. Up until 5 months ago, I weight 248 pounds now I am down to 192 (and still losing weight).

I spent a lot of time trying to lose the weight through shakes, those prepackaged meals, the electric abs machine and even freezing my fat away… Now, I will say all of these worked (well… except for the scammy electric ab machine), but the results were temporary. I was like my toy yo-yo going down and up, then trying something new and then down and up. I felt frustrated for YEARS! Just struggling to be consistent. Then I went on my deep dive into why and now I want to share what I found with all of you.

Everyone says you need to have a calorie deficiency and exercise to lose weight. But that is not enough. There is 1 component that can make or break your success. That one thing is Cognitive Recalibration.

Think of it this way… Think of your life as a calculator.

You enter 2+2

and consciously we know it should equal 4… right?

But your unconscious has it equal 9.

No matter how many times you consciously try to get it to equal 4, the calculator has a stuck button that will always add the extra digit, so the output is wrong.

Consciously you don’t know there is that error and that “error” is there to protect you from something real or imagined.

What does that mean for you?

NO matter how well you eat and exercise, there is that unconscious extra digit that is stopping you from getting the right result.

In short, you need a cognitive recalibration.

Your unconscious mind records everything like a movie.

It replays everything back based on your perceptions at the time.

For example: If you grew up getting candy for every time something good happened.

A good grade, birthday, passed your drivers test, etc.

Those lock into your mind movie that every time something good happens, you reward yourself with candy.

Now you want to lose weight. YAY!

And since that’s something good, you reward yourself with candy. BOO!

Here’s the thing. You don’t know that’s happening at the unconscious level.

What would it do for you to recalibrate how you reward yourself?

Would you find it easier to lose weight and more importantly keep it off?

Before you spend more of your time and money on using any other diet or exercise routine, make sure your internal calculator doesn’t have an extra digit pressed down that’s stopping you from long term success.

The truth is all of the diet plans, healthy eating, and exercises will work… but if there is a cognitive misfire, the results will be nonexistent or temporary at best.

If you are ready to invest in yourself to break from from your old mind movies... Schedule a call today.

Talk to you later


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